The Team

For many years Paul Mathew Transport has been providing entertainment logistics solutions to the entertainment industry. We specialise in the reliable transportation and storage of production equipment, props and stage sets throughout UK and Europe.

Paul Mathew Paul started the business in 1980. The early years were as expected difficult however with hard work dedication and a little luck things grew rapidly. A chance meeting with a production manager in a non theatre environment created the catalyst for what today is the largest transport company in the Theatre Industry.

Mark Brockhurst

Mark started as a driver with Paul Mathew and it soon became clear that there was more on offer. In 1996 Mark moved to the office to aid Paul with what was becoming a complex logistical scene. Today Mark is in charge of all day to day movements and decisions that affect the efficient running of Paul Mathew Transport. He has one of those mobile thingies welded to his ear.

Steven Mathew

Steven moved in after studying at Chichester University and travelling the world. Now 5 years later Steven works closely with Mark and has quickly become extremely competent with the time sensitive nature of the Theatre Industry.

Leanne Lampard

Leanne joined the team in 2007 and has taken over all accounts and office manager. With the ability to do the female two things at once Leanne has put her personal stamp on a very busy office.

Martin Morris

Martin is our Chief Engineer arriving in 1989. During these years he has worked in our workshop along with Norman and Shane. Between them they keep all our vehicles and trailers running 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. Today they have a luxurious 6000 sq feet purpose built Commercial Vehicle Workshop from which to show off their skills.