The Fleet

The fleet today consists of DAF XF 105 Low deck tractor units with the highest specification equipment including full air suspension, automatic gearboxes and Euro 5 low emission engines that meet all current EC Regulations, coupled to 13.6 metre tandem axe, full air suspension mega cube box van trailers, with tie rails, load lock and loading ramps.

Vehicle Capacity Max. int'l dimensions Visuals (click to view)
Articulated Volume Weight Height Width Length Photo Schematic
International 45 96.3m3 - 2.54m 2.46m 9.29m Photo Schematic
Step Curtain - - 3.24m 2.50m 13.60m Photo Schematic
Mega Curtainsider 86.6m3 - 3.0m 2.50m 13.60m Photo Schematic
Mega Trailer 98.5m3 - 3.0m 2.50m 13.60m Photo Schematic

All sizes are approximate and can differ by manufacturers specs.

All vehicles are equipped with hands free mobile telephones and Satellite tracking with Fleet Management.

The fleet is constantly being updated reflecting the quality of service offered to and expected by our customers.